Another new beginning

Me, myself and I; photo credits: Teemu Riihelä

I have re-written this website from scratch maybe three or four times already and scrapped all the written content as I wasn't happy with the stuff I wrote or wasn't sure about the direction I want to take with this thing. One time I wanted to write articles about photography from learning/teaching point-of-view but as I climbed up the Mount Stupid I realized I wasn't even sure who I was writing them for. At one point I wanted to make photography gear reviews, but then again I am not Ken Rockwell nor do I want to be. This is all just a tip of an ice-berg, but hopefully you get the idea.

...So I was diagnosed with ADHD

Turns out I'm neurologically wired a bit different than an average person, which in my case means I have a tendency to lose interest "quite" quickly and find more interesting stuff to do "mid-journey". But its not all bad news as ADHD can be a "superpower": for example if I find something interesting I will most definitely handle it, be it a chore at home or a challenging task at work. The hyper-focus is also an actual thing: there's no time- nor effort-limit when it comes doing something I really really want to do. The trick is to manage these tendencies, and boy am I a challenging person to manage as I don't simply do as told. Instead, I need to be fed with interesting things and challenges.

Back to this website

I most definitely love writing software and learning about new technologies and so forth. I also enjoy photography and even I don't see myself being hugely talented I don't mind publishing the photos on this website. So I decided if I find something interesting to publish in technology/software engineering I will publish it or if I finally have time some day to take more photos I will most likely publish them here. My website, my rules. Most likely you'll see me ranting or being excited about anything related building and developing this website as I go, explaining my technology-choices and how I deploy all this.

...or the topics might just as well completely different next week :D

Ps. note to self: stop using smileys in blog posts...

Pps. also you shouldn't use those stupid three commas at the end of a sentence.

I also do realize this whole thing could be hosted on Wordpress for a few dollars a month, but where's the fun in that?