My name is Juha Jantunen, I am a software engineer and a photography-hobbyist. I am currently based in Helsinki but I have lived in London and Dubai as well.

This website is about technology, writing software and maybe some photography once I have time and inspiration again. I also use this as a test-bench for stuff I want to try.

You can also find me on:

This website

As this is also a test-bench these are subject to change, but here's a quick list of technologies used to have this thing online:

  • Next.js frontend
  • JSON:API -backend, powered with Go
  • Admin application built on Vite.js single-page app (SPA)
  • Separate API for admin, also using JSON:API and Go
  • MongoDB for persistence
  • nginx www-server doing the front-facing grunt-work
  • Dockerized and orchestrated with docker-compose
  • Kept up-to-date using Watchtower pulling the Docker images from registry
  • GitLab Community Edition hosted on-prem (=in my cellar) for CI/CD
  • Matomo for analytics

It is very clear to me that this is all overkill for something that I could host on Wordpress.com for a few dollars a month.