So I have wanted to do something creative with color-gels for quite a long time, but never had an excuse or inspiration. As I am a member of this small photography challenge group, with monthly changing topic, I finally had the excuse and for the inspiration I just googled around for color-gels photography.

My model, Irina, had contacted me a couple of months before for any photography-related ideas I might have so now I asked her whether she would be interested, and interested she was. We didn’t exactly have a strict plan before we started, but we both had some ideas we could try. I asked Irina to bring some black clothes of her liking and she brought a black body with long sleeves which I think was the perfect choice.

As I haven’t got a proper studio, but a somewhat spacious living room, I turned that into one. Or by proper I mean I moved the dining table and some drawers to make enough space to be able to take full-length standing portraits. And now some of you might be thinking what the pizza-boxes mentioned in the title of this article have to do with all this? Well, as I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do, I just crafted some light-modifiers out of any cardboard that was available at the time. I made couple of softboxes, with some degree of flagging ability, so that I’m not only able to control where the light goes, but also where it doesn’t. This way I got the seated shots with the nice gradient background with the blue and red light hitting the model and then mixing on the wall. The standing shots on the other hand were shot with two bare strobes with CTO gels on both sides behind the model and one with a CTB gel and a parabolic umbrella just above the model. As I don’t own a proper boom to hang the umbrella to, I left the stand in the frame and just Photoshopped it away.

Irina and color gelsIrina and color gels Irina and color gels Irina and color gelsIrina and color gels